Do people stop and tell you, "You should be a model!", but you don’t know where to begin?

We Can Help - Without You Spending Thousands Of Dollars On A Portfolio!

At Jesse Gabriel's Models*, we know all people are beautiful - no matter how old. We love to capture them exactly as they are. Quite frankly, it’s our passion. Look at the portrait shown above. Her mom watched us in awe as we created these images. We don’t just love what we do - we eat, sleep and drink what we do!  5 days a week... 10 hours per day... bring it on baby! =)

Award winning Photographer Jesse Gabriel Flippen (owner of Jesse Gabriel Photography in Scotts Valley, CA), has been photographing happy, innocent smiles for 11 years.

We Need Models From Newborn to 30 Years

Here’s is the bottom line. We need a variety of model types (we are not associated with any modeling agency) to submit to a local magazine for requests for their numerous covers.  No experience is necessary when Jesse Gabriel photographs your child.  Leave that to him.

We also need models to frequently update our portfolio, so we NEVER LOOK STALE in our artwork.  That’s what our clients expect - the latest and the best from us!  We also love trying out new photographic and lighting techniques that Jesse Gabriel has learned from studying year-round with some of the very top photographer talent in the country. He needs models (like the ones in the slide show below) to test these new ideas out.  For a short sample, adjust your volume, then click on the play button below.

We give our awesome models a free (’s really free) photo shoot PLUS you’ll get a free (yes…actually free) digital file for your comp card and to build your portfolio. A comp card is short for “composite card” and is used in the modeling industry by modeling agencies.  This digital file can also be used for your Facebook profile and MySpace page.  We also give you a $100 studio credit towards any digital camera files we create on cd that you may want to share with family and friends.  No purchase is ever required at our studio. The running joke Jesse Gabriel tells his clients is "Leave your credit cards and checkbook home.  They’re not necessary."

Should your child be picked by the publisher of the magazine for the cover, you will get a copy of the magazine for your ongoing portfolio.  All models are considered, but the publisher chooses.  We have no say in the decision process.

Remember: No experience is ever required for our modeling photo shoots.

What's The Catch?

There is none. Free session - one free digital file.


Be aware, however, that there are many who want us to photograph them. Unfortunately, the available appointment times (taken by other clients) are limited for modeling. In fact, a 4 to 5-week wait to get in front of Jesse Gabriel's camera is not uncommon because of the overwhelming demand for his modeling expertise. (You can read what our clients say about Jesse on the right side of this page.)


Call us at (831) 430-6145 for details

For consideration to be photographed by Jesse Gabriel and his lighting team, you can fill out our modeling form by clicking on the link above and we will contact you as soon as possible (usually the next business day) and get you on our schedule in advance. Please be patient as Jesse does his best to accommodate all our models.

*Jesse Gabriel's Models is a division of Jesse Gabriel Photography - A rockin’, family-run business for 11 years & counting. =)